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Saturday, July 17, 2010

We Are Indians...

A short story but carries a big message..
Once an american visited India for a few days and going back to his country his indian friend asked him "how is my country?". so he said very nice..the ancient history and the culture there is really very nice. Then the indian proudly asked "How did you find the Indians?".
So the american said "Who Indians? I didnt find a single indian there in your country!"
Indian said "What nonsense are your saying! so who did you meet there?"
American replied-
" Well In kashmir i met a kashmiri..
In punjab i met a punjabi
In maharashtra i met a marathi..
in gujarat i met a gujarati..
I also met a congrese,
a bhajpayee,
a baspayee,
a communist..
N my indian friend I also met people who were Jain, Kayasth and many more..
But i didnt meet a single indian there in your country...!! "

This story might seem a joke to many of you..but it carries a big big message..
when anybody asks us that who are we...we proudly talk about are comunity or religion...
But we should not forget we are first of all an Indian..
so when anyone asks you this question..proudly say..
I am an Indian...

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