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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A true story about chetan bhagat..his IIT Delhi days..

Everyone of you knows chetan bhagat ( author of bestseller five point someone)
He during his IIT days had gone for an industrial training in cadbury., there he was given a task of repairing a cadbury lollipop wrapper machine..he started his work soon as the work was tougher..
after two days at eleven in night when he was working , a junior supervisor came to him and said that it is too late now, so chetan stopped his work and offered the supervisor to have a cup of tea with him.. so they went to have tea together, they both were just talking and after some time the supervisor found that chetan is a very down to earth man unlike other IITians.the supervisor became very comfortable with chetan and he started telling his famiy problems and about his life to whick chetan was silently listening for about two hours..
The next day when chetan came to the company he was shocked to see that the wrapper machine was working correctly and was repaired..he asked the supervisor about it so he told him that he had repaired it for him..
than chetan asked the reason, so he told that from the past ten years he is there and there is not being a single IITian who has event talked to him coz of their ego, but chetan talked to him and listened to his problem, so he liked it..and repairing that machine was a two minute game for him.. on listening this chetan had tears in his eyes..He thanked the supervisor with wet eyes..
Moral- Sometimes in life nothing can be achieved by just reading books, you should know how to read people too..


  1. Really nice story... :)

  2. woww chetan is sooooo down to earth ....m a fan of him.....n his books....:)

  3. amrendra kumar tiwariFebruary 5, 2011 at 3:48 AM

    chetan is always ausum,fabulous, ficitous....
    gratitudes cannot b expresed in words...

  4. on 2nd feb he was in varanasi......and in afternoon he left for delhi from a flight....n by chance he n his wife got his seat just in front of me.......i hv seen him what a man he is....i said him "HI..."n he replied also ...."hey....hi".....dhanya ho gaya m us din

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  6. Really I am inspired by chetan.I am a great fan of Chetan now...

  7. no one knows what is & howmuch is true,as bhagat is smart in writing

  8. if its real then a great one.........but if just a story then no questions